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My name is John Hendrix, I have been riding motorcycles for 10 years. My dad had a bike when I was born but my mother asked him to sell it so I would not start riding. I completely understand why, it is dangerous. Fast forward to 2006, I purchased my first bike for $800 a 1985 Honda nighthawk 450. Then my dad bought one as well. We started riding together. Then I found a 2004 Yamaha R6. BOOM it was over from there. I then bought a 2007 R1, which I still have. I then found a 2001 R6 Limited Edition that I purchased. I sold the LE and the 04 R6. I was always on my R1. In 2012 I wrecked the 2007 R1. I kept it but shortly after I purchased a 2010 R1

    In 2007-2008 I found motorcycle racing. Another big mistake haha. I started watching AMA Pro Road Racing. Then it was MotoGp. I am blessed because I live close to Daytona Beach so I go watch racing there twice a year. Then I found JenningsGP, and a company called TST Industries. I started joining them at the track as a spectator. At this time I had a bunch of friends that did trackdays. They were always saying come out and do a trackday. In 2014 I decided to turn the wrecked 2007 R1 into a trackbike.

    I have become friends with many Pro MotoAmerica racers. As I have learned all about the life of a racer I noticed there are 2 different types of racers. As of right now I do believe there are only about 10 Riders that are factory riders. The rest of the grid are Privateers. You have a few amateur race organizations. Again the entire grid is made up of Privateers. Then one day I heard a song from a supercross rider. In the song he says "privateer life, no factory bike, trying to pass Trey Canard for a quarter of the price." The idea for PrivateerLife was born. That is exactly what it is all about. You don't have the same race budget as the factory guys but you can still be competitive. There are guys that are just as talented as some of the factory guys. They just don't have the same race budget.

    So PrivateerLife is a way to show how proud we are to be privateers and still do well. All trackday riders are Privateers. Everyone starts out as a Privateer. I love the comradery of the track, the way it smells and the feeling of just being there. It truly is amazing and I'm truly blessed to be a part of it.

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